Virginia Schools Have Responsibilities for Bullying

Virginia laws requires schools in Virginia to establish and enforce policies to protect our children from bullies and to deal with the bullies when they attack our children. The library of our firm’s website lists these sections of the Virginia Code about bullying:

1.    This section requires every school board in Virginia to establish anti-bullying policies.

2.    This section protects teachers and other volunteers when they report alleged bullying when they follow proper procedures. That is, the alleged bully cannot sue the teachers and volunteers who report the bullying if the teacher/volunteer acted in good faith and reported properly.

3.     This section confirms that the anti-bullying rules apply to cyber-bullying.

4.     This section bans hazing, a criminal offense.

If your child has experienced bullying, report it immediately to the proper school personnel and, if the bullying involved physical contact (pushing, shoving, tripping, hitting, etc.), file a complaint with the police.
If you do not get a satisfactory response from the school system, consult a child injury lawyer who can give you information, advice and assistance.


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